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在塞纳河的中心,巴黎的城市之岛,坐落着Pietro Russo对Dauphine住宅的前卫改造。坐落一箭之遥从巴黎圣母院、巴黎最古老的桥,新桥》,宽敞的公寓俯瞰一个三角公园设计在400多年前,由亨利四世,广场周边建筑的布局改变了17世纪以来《盗梦空间》,前者商家和平民中心现在是一个田园诗般的公园,迷人的餐厅,艺术画廊,和高档住宅地产。
away in the center of the Seine on Paris’ Île de la Cité, lies Pietro Russo’s avant-garde transformation of a Place Dauphine home. Situated just a stone’s throw from Notre Dame Cathedral and Paris’ oldest bridge, Pont Neuf, the spacious apartment overlooks a triangular park designed over 400 years ago by Henri IV. While the layout of the square with its surrounding buildings has changed little since its 17th century inception, the former merchant and commoner hub now serves as home to an idyllic park, charming restaurants, art galleries, and prime residential real estate.

设计师Pietro Russo通过丰富的场地历史和住宅业主的精致品味和兴趣,建立了相邻公园的三角形作为项目的主题
by the rich history of the site and the refined tastes and interests of the home’s owners, designer Pietro Russo established the triangular shape of the adjacent park as the leitmotif of the project.

entry to the living room, guests are treated to a sculptural fireplace comprised of extruded plaster triangles tipped in brass. This Art Deco inspired pattern feels right at home given the style’s French origins. A secondary, less expected, source of inspiration for the fireplace was derived from Carlo Scarpa’s Brion Cemetery – a site celebrated for its intricate architectural detailing that invites the interplay of light and form.

在三角形的边缘,鲁索选择了Nika Zupanc设计的两张胖胖的椅子,以及内莎·克罗斯兰(Neisha Crosland)设计的斑马纹天鹅绒沙发。一对圆顶的Attolo台灯,一组圆形的GamFratesi TS桌子,还有一个Pietro Russo银杏架子,使房间更加圆润。
the triangular edges, Russo selected two plump chairs by Nika Zupanc and a matching sofa upholstered in Neisha Crosland’s Zebra Cut Velvet. A pair of domed Attolo table lamps, a collection of circular GamFratesi TS Tables, and a Pietro Russo Ginko shelf unit further round out the room.

room boasts an eclectic mix of styles and textures beginning with timeless chevron floors, an exposed beam ceiling and classic paneled walls. In contrast, the furnishings center around a “retro-futuristic” aesthetic, driven by Russo’s glass and brass Drone Pendant and ten-sided Dauphine Table inspired by space probes of the 1970s. Along the far wall, an original niche was reworked with glass shelving and a tiered chest of drawers clad in pale wood and and dark grey stone – a material segue to the galley kitchen just around the corner.

is split into two functional areas – the work surface and sink along one wall, and cabinetry and appliances along the other. A light wood veneer with triangular engravings mark the cabinetry while continuous swaths of dark grey marble boast similar detailing in an ongoing exploration of light, shadow and form.

bedroom continues the home’s extruded triangle motif – this time in the form of a curtain-like backdrop of closet doors. This ‘wall’ of finely pleated wood is punctuated by long brass handles that dialogue with a custom made vanity / concealed TV system by Russo. A theatrical mix of artistry and function.

so steeped in design history, this urban island home masterfully blurs the boundaries between art and architecture in ways that are equal parts innovative, and timeless.


a 19th century townhouse overlooking the Palace of Versailles lies RMGB studio’s latest interior masterpiece. The project marks a renaissance of sorts for the property’s heir as he leaves Paris with wife and children to return to his childhood home.
建筑师纪尧姆·吉伯特(Guillaume Gibert)和巴普蒂斯特·里希曼(Baptiste Rischmann)设计的建筑,其首要任务是进行细致的修复。这意味着剥离了几个世纪的调整,以揭示住宅的原始形式。一旦暴露——一个精心的防御工事和重建的过程赋予了原始的细节新的生命,从石膏板到可爱的倒置匈牙利点拼花地板。

by architects Guillaume Gibert and Baptiste Rischmann, the first priority was one of meticulous restoration. This meant a stripping back of centuries of adjustments to reveal the home’s original form. Once laid bare – a careful process of fortification and re-creation breathed new life into original details, ranging from plasterwork to a beloved inverted Hungarian point parquet floor.

根植于元格对建筑、精致工艺和大胆图形美学的热爱。出于对现有建筑的尊重,两人选择了不受束缚的定制盒子,而不是更具侵入性的内置件。在客厅,一个独立的餐具柜参考了经典的建筑主题和它的凹槽细节。脚下的空间是由RMGB设计的定制羊毛地毯,克里斯托弗·德尔科特(Christophe Delcort)设计的弯曲沙发,以及霍斯特·布鲁宁(Horst Bruning)设计的一对装饰华丽的复古扶手椅,都凸显了尖锐的边缘。

was rooted in RMBG’s passion for architecture, fine craftsmanship and a bold graphic aesthetic. Out of reverence for the existing architecture, the duo opted for untethered custom case pieces instead of more intrusive built-ins. In the living room a freestanding sideboard references classic architectural motifs with its fluted detailing. Underfoot, the space is grounded by a custom wool rug designed by RMGB while a curved sofa by Christophe Delcort rounds out the sharp edges, as do a pair of plushly upholstered vintage armchairs by Horst Brüning.


preference for free standing furnishings in place of built-ins carries through to the kitchen where a bespoke stainless steel cabinet conceals the kitchen’s appliances. In contrast, a free standing Calacatta Viola island is left front and center – equal parts sculptural and utilitarian.

餐厅最近与厨房相连。空间围绕着一个定制的涂漆钢底座的熔岩石桌。一幅罗杰·莫尔(Roger Muhl)的绿色挂毯与外面的花园形成了一种对话,威利·里佐(Willy Rizzo)设计的一组柔和的绿色椅子以一种70年代的风格完成了这一不偏不倚的组合。

dining room sits newly connected to the kitchen. The space centers around a bespoke lava stone table with lacquered steel base. A verdant Roger Mühl tapestry hangs in dialogue with the garden just outside, while a set of muted green chairs by Willy Rizzo complete the eclectic assemblage with a dose of 70s edge.

卧室是所有大胆的颜色和图形形式与一个引人注目的蓝色调色板的灵感来自弗朗索瓦丝彼得罗维奇2017年的绘画,夜曲。弯曲的床头板也受到了类似的启发,但它是由让·罗耶(Jean Royere)在上世纪50年代设计的家具。在相邻的主浴室中,两面拱形镜子似乎参考了凡尔赛宫标志性的镜厅,而在下面,黑色石板以同样的强度平衡几何形状。

bedroom is all bold color and graphic form with a striking blue palette inspired by Françoise Pétrovitch’s 2017 painting, Nocturne. The sinuous headboard was similarly inspired, but by an 1950s work of furniture design by Jean Royère. In the adjoining master bath two arched mirrors seem to reference Versailles iconic hall of mirrors while beneath, slabs of black stone balance the geometry with equal strength.

在曼哈顿上西城,标志性的哥特式建筑西区大道555号已经被卡里·塔马尔金(Cary Tamarkin)改造成了一系列豪华公寓。最初建于1908年,其大胆的立面和广阔的窗户结合了一个新的楼层计划,创造了复古和现代的融合。这次彻底的装修激发了设计师查理·费勒(Charlie Ferrer)设计他的第一套模特公寓的灵感。

away on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, the iconic Gothic building at 555 West End Avenue has been redeveloped by Cary Tamarkin into a clutch of luxury apartments. Originally built in 1908, its bold facade and expansive windows combine with a new floor plan to create a fusion of vintage and modern. This radical renovation inspired designer Charlie Ferrer to take on his first model apartment.


art, the apartment feels warm and lived in, with the personal touch of a collector. Art dots every surface, much of it from Ferrer’s personal acquisitions. The restrained palette of reds, whites and rich woods allows the subtle, sculptural shapes of the pieces to command attention.

舒适的客厅和餐厅的结合既简单又时尚。一个折衷的选择,复古家具呼吸到大房间的生活,与皮革,天鹅绒和木材创造纹理层。费勒的私人朋友、交易商帕斯卡尔·博耶尔(Pascal Boyer)收集了很多家具,比如一把上世纪70年代的法国拖鞋椅,它有不锈钢边和煮过的羊毛内饰。

yet comfortable, the combined living and dining room is both easy and stylish. An eclectic selection of vintage furniture breathes life into the grand room, with leather, velvet and wood creating layers of texture. Many pieces were gathered from Ferrer’s personal friend, dealer Pascal Boyer, such as a 1970s French slipper chair that pairs stainless steel sides and boiled wool upholstery.

朝着厨房走去,你可以看到克里斯托弗·皮科克(Christopher Peacock)的白橡木和大理石橱柜。这两种自然质感主导了整个房间,平衡了经典的优雅和丰富的温暖。

towards the kitchen, one finds wall-to-wall white oak and marble cabinets by Christopher Peacock. The two natural textures dominate the room, balancing classic elegance and rich warmth.


a family, Ferrer has imagined two shared bedrooms. The theme of whites and woods lend space to eye-catching objects such as a petite mid-century chair and rolling cart repurposed into a chic desk from CB2. A custom bunk bed brings together Ferrer’s vision of an apartment that could at once be an art sanctuary and a bustling home.


overwhelming the space, the master bedroom is sumptuous. Geometric art fills the walls while a glass chandelier hangs by the foot of the bed. Fur accents, in throw pillows and blankets, are a drop of luxury and contrast a vintage, acrylic coffee table. These are the well-loved objects of a discerning shopper with a wide-ranging eye—the result of the many pieces being Ferrer’s own, creating a space where he, personally, would want to live.





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