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2020-04-20 832




设计团队:Elena Kisenko, Sergey Somkin, Yevheniya Kudria

THE URBAN APARTMENT Location: Dnipro, Ukraine Area: 440 sq.m.Team: Dezest design. Elena Kisenko, Sergey Somkin, Yevheniya Kudria



he Urban apartment is a two-story apartment in the downtown of Dnipro. This is a kind of oasis for relaxing and replenishing energy among the bustling life of a big city. In the Urban apartment we have created interior for a family of four. The fundamental canvas of this interior has become hedonism, which is inherent in adult family members and is inculcated in children. To this we subordinated the layout of the space and the direction of the flow of life scenarios in this apartment.


On the ground floor there is a hallway that transforms smoothly into an open space with a group of upholstered furniture in the center of it. A kitchen with a dining room, a bathroom and a children's room are also located on the ground floor.


In the Urban apartment we have created all the necessary for comfortable living, emotional communication of the whole family and a place for secluded relaxation of each of its members - both adults and children. This interior also takes into account the opportunity for welcoming hospitality. All of this, as we love to do at Dezest, has been put on modern functionality and timeless aesthetics that will allow the apartment to change in accordance with changes in the lives of its owners. This will let them fascinate by every moment spent here as well as by Life itself.